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Starburst 1-Light RapidJack Pendant

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Price: $52.00
Product Description:
It was Shakespeare that said, "The stars above us, govern our conditions." And so it is with this amazing multi-light pendant series. Each unique glass cover supports handmade glass starbursts - available in clear, blue, green, amber or violet - suspending each burst of color in its own glass globe. Chrome hardware and a satin nickel-finish canopy complete each structure, and every little piece is adjustable to enhance your galaxy in a variety of different ways.

SKU: G3WX ( ET2 EP96080-21 )
Internal #: G3WX
  • Manufacturer availability unavailable.
  • This Item has been Discontinued.
  • Category: RapidJack Pendant
  • Family: Starburst
  • Number Of Bulbs: 1 Bulbs
  • Bulb Type Included: Yes
  • Introduction Date: 1/1/2012
  • Length: 0.00
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Wire Included: 120
  • Standard Category: Pendants
  • Standard Subcategory: Down Pendants
  • Standard Finish: Nickel
  • Standard Style: Contemporary
  • Standard Option: Dry Rated
Product Specifications
Dimensions: 4.00" Tall x 4.00" Wide
Required Components:
Bulbs: 20 Watt 12V G4 Xenon Bulb (Included)

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